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About Andemor

I’m Andemor – Welcome to my world! 

I started Andemors Verden because I once “caught the rubber duck bug” so to speak. And because I just have a thing for happiness. I believe that if we carry happiness with us through life it will make us more capable of coping with the tough parts. That is why Andemors Verden set out with a single goal – to make children and their grown-ups happier! 


Andemors Verden is founded and owned by Line Marie Wibroe – better known as Andemor. The company first came to life in 2011, and the office as well as storage facility is located in Solrød Strand. 

It wasn’t always a given that Line – Andemor – should run a company selling products for children. Line has a cand.comm. degree (a master’s in Communication) and was busy building her career as a headhunter in 2009, when her husband Peter got sick and was admitted to hospital with unexplainable abdominal pains. In just three weeks he went from being a healthy young man to being very sick and bound to a hospital bed. The doctors got him back on his feet with a whole lot of antibiotics, but it turned out that he wasn’t really better. That was the beginning of a year and a half with constant illness in the family.  

Peter ended up in hospital 11 times and in the middle of all that, he and Line had their third daughter, Kaya, who was unexpectedly seriously ill at birth and spent her first 9 days in hospital – and during the first three, she was fighting for her life. Today both Peter and Kaya are strong and healthy, but all the sickness and the thoughts that came with it about how life can end so much sooner than we realize, made Line decide to change lanes and leave her career as headhunter. 

It was the rubber ducks, that started it all. They are from the british Opal London, that Line was already familiar with through Peter as he had worked for them during the 90’s in London. Line literally fell in love with one of Opal’s giant green rubber ducks when one of the owners of Opal London, Kate, and her husband visited Line and Peter and their daughter in the beginning of 2011 – and the first seed that would become Andemors Verden was thus planted. 

Line didn’t even know which direction it would all go. She just knew that looking at the ducks made her happy and she wanted to pass on the happiness… to children and their grown-ups! 

In 2014 Opal London closed, and so the ducks left Andemors' pond. But Andemors Verden was by then already a well-established and broadly spanning brandhouse with other brands. Today Andemors Verden works for a long list of international brands and sells toys and accessories for children through shops across the Northern Europe. Andemors Verden started with a strategic focus on children's play and enjoyment from water. That was because Line quickly realized that there was a gap in the market when it came to children playing with water and the joy it brings.  

Children play with water anywhere they can get away with it. Where there is a puddle, there is a child. And as a country we are surrounded by a world-class coastline. So why is it that most of what we have offered our children to play with and get used to the water with has been of poor quality – that has always been a bit of a mystery to me”, Line explains. 

Because of that, a lot of the brands Andemors Verden is working for is focused on fun with water as well as getting used to this great wet element in some way. With that being said, it will always be happiness that is the driving factor in the products offered by Andemors Verden. That has led the company to develop into spanning a lot more areas of “the good life of a child” than what it did at the beginning – but water… That will always have a special place in Line’s heart!