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About Andemors Verden

It all started with a giant green rubber duck! 


Andemors Verden began because Line once "got bitten by a crazy rubber duck." And because she fundamentally has "something" with joy. As she explains it herselft; "I believe that if we have joy in our lives, we can handle a lot." Therefore, Andemors Verden stems from that one fundamental purpose - to make children and their adults happier!


Andemors Verden is a distribution and trading company that sells toys and things for children. They work with nearly 20 international brands and also develop and distribute two of their own brands - Follow the duck and Memories by Así.

The company was founded by Line Marie Wibroe back in 2011 and is now co-owned by Stine Lerche Fenger-Mieritz, who joined as a partner during the first lockdown of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.

Andemors Verden works with a range of international brands and sells to stores, amusement parks, museums, and more in large parts of Europe, as well as selected parts of the world. The home market is clearly Scandinavia, but in recent years, growth has come from markets such as Germany, Greece, and even as far as Australia.

Andemors Verden originally started with a desire to focus more on children's play with and enjoyment of water. As Line says, "Children play with water wherever they can get away with it. Where there's a puddle, there's a child. As a country, Denmark is surrounded by a world-class coastline. However, much of the toys we have offered our children for water play and enjoyment have not been of particularly high quality. We wanted to do something about that."

That's why several of the brands that Andemors Verden works with still revolve around water play and water adaptation in one way or another. Follow the duck is a brand that Andemors Verden has created to focus on water adaptation and enjoyment from as early an age as possible.

That being said, it is always the joy of play that brings children and their adults together across generations, which is the driving force behind the products Andemors Verden offers its customers.

For the same reason, the company has evolved over time and now covers many more areas within "the good childhood" than they did initially when "it was all about water." Areas such as motor skills and movement are especially important to Andemors Verden, but so are products and brands that can bring generations together, such as the doll brands Así and Memories by Así.

Andemors Verden has offices, storage facilities, and a showroom in Solrød Strand. In addition to Line and Stine, you will encounter a small, close-knit team of employees in their daily operations, who work together to ensure that things function and the products go in and out the door. There is always a pot of coffee and time for a chat. Just stop by!

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