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Scrunch has created a series of products that ensure that everything children and adults need for the beach or the holiday can be folded and pack in a bag or suitcase. All made with sustainability in mind. Scrunch came to life because two English mothers got tired of cheap plastic products! The idea of Scrunch arose on a joint family holiday to Thailand.

One afternoon the two mothers talked about how sad it was that they had to leave the sand toys at the hotel – again! But why make space in the suitcase for the plastic toys sold at the destination knowing they would likely break on the way home. The result of their journey was the Scrunch bucket - the first product in a string of transportable and foldable beach items.

Collapsible and easy to pack • CE-marked • designed in Great Britain 

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Scrunch-bucket - sage green New


Scrunch-bucket - sage green

Foldable bucket in silicone.

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Scrunch-watering-can - sage green New


Scrunch-watering-can - sage green

Collapsible watering can ​​– easy to travel with.

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Scrunch-moulds - sage green New


Scrunch-moulds - sage green

Scrunch-moulds – perfect for little hands.

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Scrunch-spade - sage green New


Scrunch-spade - sage green

Small and practical spade for small hands.

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Scrunch-crocodile - dusty rose New


Scrunch-crocodile - dusty rose

Toy crocodile with fun pouring function. Ref. 1110040 Login to order
Scrunch-crocodile - duck egg blue New


Scrunch-crocodile - duck egg blue

Toy crocodile with fun pouring function. Ref. 1110041 Login to order
Scrunch-crocodile - sage green New


Scrunch-crocodile - sage green

Toy crocodile with fun pouring function. Ref. 1110043 Login to order
Scrunch-crocodile - anthracite grey New


Scrunch-crocodile - anthracite grey

Toy crocodile with fun pouring function. Ref. 1110042 Login to order
Scrunch-gardening-set - sage green New


Scrunch-gardening-set - sage green

Gardening set in sage green.  Ref. 1100103 Login to order
Scrunch-gardening-set - light dusty purple New


Scrunch-gardening-set - light dusty purple

Gardening set in light dusty purple .  Ref. 1100104 Login to order
Scrunch-gardening-set - midnight blue New


Scrunch-gardening-set - midnight blue

Gardening set in midnight blue.  Ref. 1100105 Login to order
Scrunch-cards - dusty rose New


Scrunch-cards - dusty rose

Learn the numbers with Scrunch. Ref. 1110020 Login to order
Scrunch-cards - duck egg blue New


Scrunch-cards - duck egg blue

Learn the numbers with Scrunch. Ref. 1110021 Login to order
Scrunch-cards - anthracite grey New


Scrunch-cards - anthracite grey

Learn the numbers with Scrunch. Ref. 1110022 Login to order
Scrunch-quoits - multi colour New


Scrunch-quoits - multi colour

Modern version of petanque with quoits and ball

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Scrunch-scoop - dusty rose New


Scrunch-scoop - dusty rose

Large mouthed fish with fun pouring function. Ref. 1110050 Login to order
Scrunch-scoop - duck egg blue New


Scrunch-scoop - duck egg blue

Large mouthed fish with fun pouring function. Ref. 1110051 Login to order
Scrunch-scoop - anthracite grey New


Scrunch-scoop - anthracite grey

Large mouthed fish with fun pouring function. Ref. 1110052 Login to order

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