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Do you know Suki?

Do you remember your favourite childhood plushie? Do you remember how you two were inseparable? Suki is the plushie-addict's image of plushie-heaven and there is almost no version of a plushie-turtle they haven’t made!

28. October 2016
Do you know Suki?


Once upon a time there was a very well-known plushie-brand called RUSS. Everyone with a soft spot for plushies loved RUSS, who produced high-quality plushies for plushie-lovers around the world. 

But unfortunately, RUSS shut down unexpectedly in 2010 and left behind a whole team of plush-o-holics and staff members at RUSS with broken hearts. Gone was generations of knowledge about plushie manufacturing as well as a world-class network of retailers. 

But luckily not for long! A small group of key staff members got the opportunity to start over together and in the early 2011 Suki saw the light of day. 

Suki is British designed plushies and gift items, and for these the word ‘cute’ is rarely enough. Especially the Li’L Peepers series has quickly taken the plushie-world by storm. It’s a series of products where all the plushies have exceptionally large eyes and often also heads, and each model comes in a variety of different options. 

Today, there are many manufacturers of plushies with large eyes, but it is widely recognized that RUSS – Suki – were the first. And they definitely know how to give a plushie large eyes in a way that ensures it is also safe for a child to play with – and even put in their mouth and bite on.  

In addition to L’iL Peepers, Suki has also chosen to continue multiple of the product series from RUSS – including Yomiko and Bears from the past. Both of these series are traditional plushies and easily recognizable for people who knew RUSS. 

And then of course there is also all the new items Suki has added since the beginning – Bedtime Buddies, Dino’z and a wide variety of Silver Tag plushies… Just to name a few of all the different options available! 

Since the beginning in 2011 things have moved very quickly for Suki, and they are already represented in more than 60 countries, and they sell to everything from small independent retailers as well as to larger chains and toy stores – everything through a network of plushie-loving agents and retailers. 

Suki’s knowledge about the manufacturing of plushies is top of the class, and at Suki there is not even a single whisker hair on a cat that hasn’t been thought about and cared for.  

As a former plushie-mom I really love Suki with all my plushie-heart, and every year when Suki presents that years’ new products it’s basically better than Christmas for every plushie-mom in the world.