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Give life to gardens and balconies with the gardening-set from Scrunch. The little bucket contains up to 0,4 liter. The bucket comes with a matching spade. The bucket is made in silicone whist the spade is made from plastic.

Small bucket and spade  • CE-marked • designed in Great Britain 

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Scrunch-gardening-set - sage green New


Scrunch-gardening-set - sage green

Gardening set in sage green.  Ref. 1100103 Login to order
Scrunch-gardening-set - light dusty purple New


Scrunch-gardening-set - light dusty purple

Gardening set in light dusty purple .  Ref. 1100104 Login to order
Scrunch-gardening-set - midnight blue New


Scrunch-gardening-set - midnight blue

Gardening set in midnight blue.  Ref. 1100105 Login to order
Scrunch-gardening-set - dusty rose


Scrunch-gardening-set - dusty rose

Gardening set in dusty rose. 

Ref. 1100100 Login to order
Scrunch-gardening-set - duck egg blue


Scrunch-gardening-set - duck egg blue

Gardening set in duck egg blue. 

Ref. 1100101 Login to order
Scrunch-gardening-set - anthracite grey


Scrunch-gardening-set - anthracite grey

Gardening set in antracite grey. 

Ref. 1100102 Login to order

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